About Santamargherita Green

‘900 is the new Santamargherita marble line inspired by terrazzo and its residential and public applications during the beginning of the last century.

The original concrete based terrazzo is given a new resin based rendering, with superior technical characteristics that make it an ideal solution for high traffic areas. Furthermore it is easy to install and requires low maintenance.

‘900 surfaces are available in slabs and tiles, in standard or custom formats, offering the design flexibility architects and designers require in their projects.

Santamargherita ‘900 surfaces contain a high percentage of recycled material, with minimum impact on the environment, so they can easily contribute to LEED credits.

About Santamargherita Quartz

Elegant and resistant, Santamargherita Quartz is the ideal surface for high traffic and everyday use.

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About Santamargherita Marble

Santamargherita Marble surfaces offer the charm, elegance and glamour of natural stone.

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